Fields synced from Hubspot

Hi, we’re testing the Hubspot integration. One issue is that many fields are mapped as text string fields from Hubspot, even when they are defined as limited choice pick-list fields in Hubspot. The downside to this is that it impossible to build certain views in Fibery from the data, e.g. create a board view with columns from a HS Pipeline.

Is there any way round this? Or is it possible that the sync could be enhanced to map to a single select field in Fibery?

Thanks! In general the sync looks great and promises to be very useful :slight_smile:

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Also I notice that the hubspotlink URLs saved to Fibery have the host, whereas our HS account uses (presumably because its stored in an EU data centre). This means that any link clicked from Fibery redirects to a Hubspot accounts view to select our account, but then it loses the original link and just goes to an account homepage.

Could the copied URLs be tied to the HS account location?

Sorry for the late reply :disappointed_relieved:

  1. Unfortunately none of our integrations support single & multi-select fields
    That improvement is in our backlog though and noted your request :muscle:

  2. The second issue seems to be a bug to fix, so forwarded it to the developer!

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Hi again!
Glad to say, that the issue was fixed
You can check that already, but full sync is required to update links in existing entities

Many thanks for the report :slight_smile: