January 5, 2023 / Select Fields to sync in existing integrations

This release is rather humble — we hope you’ve had a great holiday season as well :sweat_smile:

:electric_plug: Select Fields to sync in existing integrations

Recently, we introduced a way to pick Fields to sync when adding a new integration. Now the same menu is available for existing integrations as well:


Exclude unnecessary Fields, rename confusing ones, and check the Field type.

:butterfly: Minor Improvements

  • Hubspot integration has Country on the Company level

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Vizydrop continue sharing info even after deletion
  • Wrong search result in filter input
  • Workspaces should be sorted alphabetically everywhere
  • All fields are hidden by default when adding Form from Space settings
  • Missing ’ Add to favourites’ in left menu for views and entities
  • Menu button is available for smart folders in Public spaces
  • Unexpected scroll down if add new entity via + button in relation view
  • Not predictable positioning of duplicated to My Space views.
  • ‘Send email’ action should not be failed if ‘To’ is empty for some record
  • Card disappears when update state on a context board by Assigned User
  • Missed entities when adding ‘Any of’ filter to List view

@antoniokov - our team has a dozen or more custom fields on the Issue entities in Jira. Is there a way to include these in the Jira-to-Fibery integration? If not, does your team have any plans for implementing support for Jira custom fields in the future?

We have Jira custom fields support already. Did you try it?

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I just noticed custom fields coming through. They did not appear initially because we weren’t syncing a project which used a Field Configuration Scheme with these custom fields.

One additional Jira entity we were hoping to pull into Fibery is Worklog. We track hours spent on tickets and we would benefit from having that data in Fibery for additional use in our workspace.