Hubspot Integration

Hi. I am trying Fibery for a few days now and i am loving both the product and the developer’s openess and sense of humour.

On another note, i am having trouble with hubspot’s integration. It syncs perfectly when a new contact appears in hubspot but then it doesn’t sync as i update hubspot’s fields.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Nogueira_Ads :wave:t2:

Fibery developer here

I’d like to clarify few things.
Are you talking about realtime update? If yes I’m going to upset you as HubSpot only notifies us about new or deleted objects but not about field updates.

But you can setup scheduled sync or trigger it manually

To trigger sync immediately please go to Space settings(1) and select one of your Hubspot databases(e.g. contact). Here you should see last sync status (2). Click on it and popup with integration settings should appear. There you can press “Sync now” or configure integration to run every 240/120/60 minutes

Please try to trigger sync manually and let me know if fields are still not updated


Hi Mike, thank you for your reply.

It still doesnt work. I either get a sync failed error or it stays “syncing” without ever coming up with results…

Thanks in advance.

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Hi. Any idea of why this is?

Contacts, deals, calls, emails, everything gets synced with fibery when created in hubspot. It’s just when i update the field values over there, it doesn’t update here.

Its no big deal, i can do it with integromat. I’d just like to know if it’s something that i am doing wrong or if updates are still not a funcionality in the integration.

Thanks in advance.

@Nogueira_Ads looks like I’ve lost your replies among other notifications :frowning: I’m sorry.

Do you still experience this issue?

P.S. If you think you faced a bug in Fibery you may tells us about it using in-app chat (there is an icon in the right bottom corner). It’s harder for us to lost your new message in it)))