Form Response - Post Submit Options

I’d like to request a feature for forms.

When a user submits a form, it would be very useful to be able to use the field data from the submission for entity specific tracking.

Example: When user submits information, a Public ID is assigned to the entity created by the form submission. I want to use that Public ID in a payment URL on the Response page so when they click on it, I can later tie the payment to the form submission.

Different Thought: Allow for redirecting to a different URL, that can be generated by a formula, after clicking Submit (perhaps allow changing label from Submit to something else as well?). This could be a pro feature. :slight_smile:

Am I missing some other way to go about this?


It might be useful to expand this into a more general capability for async user interactions/popups, with the ability to limit/direct such interactions to specific users/groups.

Fibery Forms are close to being a good general UI element, but Automations have no concept of a “live user” (e.g. is there an opportunity/capability to interact with a User via the UI), since Fibery has no concept of interjecting an async popup into the UI flow.

Perhaps we could have a new kind of Automation flag for “async/interactive” (e.g. to pop up a dialog for user interaction). Such an automation could require the “live” presence of a specific User/group to run, and when triggered it would wait for this User/group to be available, then interject a popup into the user’s UI (or optionally send an email if the opportunity doesn’t arrive after a certain period).

This would open up possibilities for more complex UI scenarios where a user could be presented with a series of customized prompts to lead them through a complex, branched process, where each stage could be dependent on the previous inputs, and the User involved, etc.

This would be like a higher-level type of Workflow, where the traversal of various workflow states could be paused, interrupted, inspected, modified, resumed, and directed by Automation in response to various conditions.