Auto-attach form submission to entity in related database

I have 2 databases in a space called ‘Session’ and ‘Questionnaire’. When I create a Session and attach an email to it, I’d like a Form for the questionnaire sent out to said email (this would be a non-fibery user). I’d also like the result of the form to be automatically attached to the session without forcing the user to pick one from a dropdown. Is any of this possible (I’m a dev with API experience so if thats an option I’m open to using it).

Hi @nvee,

Fibery Forms are only accessible to logged-in Fibery users, so you would need to use some other Forms product to handle these “external” emailed forms.

How the Form results could get pushed back into Fibery will depend on the Form product you use. The simple way would be if you can collect form responses as emails, you could sync these emails into Fibery, and have a Fibery script convert/associate them with the appropriate Questionnaire/Session.

Hi @Matt_Blais
Thanks for confirming that. I think I’ll use a combination of Google Forms then with to collect the info, then sync it to Fibery. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

If you search this forum for “” you will probably find some helpful hints :wink:

That’s not actually right. Forms can be shared with external users, so anyone can fill them in.
However, the tricky part is this:

There is currently no way to create a single form that is then customised according to the context of use.

At the moment, each Session would need to have it’s own Questionnaire form (with a unique sharing url which then would get included in the email). This requires manual steps, so can’t be automated, even with the API.