Automate sharing entity and copying URL into text/URL field?

Use case: I want people to approve invoices via Emails. As I cannot add attachments to emails sent via Fibery automation (right?), I would like to just send a link to the entity which includes the file. However I don’t want to have to go to each individual entity, click share, and copy paste share link into field for a process which else would be completely automated.

shy bump
Q1) possible to add attachments to sent emails from within Fibery? (pretty sure that’s a no)
Q2) possible to start sharing and copying share URL via script? (fairly sure that’s a no, but maybe there is an “unofficial” way?)

Valid use case, but
Q1) no
Q2) no

No worries, works pretty well without. Thanks for the reply!

I’ve made this a feature so that others who have the same need can vote for it