Entity permission sharing

I have implemented our annual review process in Fibery and would like to automate the sharing of entities to users linked to them.

Any plans to add it to the rules or any “hidden” API to use? :sweat_smile:

That’s definitely in plans, and I also believe that with scripts it’s possible to put users from entity to the sharing list
Will check with colleagues, do we have any examples to share :slight_smile:

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It is possible, with an API call to workspace.fibery.io/api/access-templates/json-rpc using API token authorization.
I would suggest using your browser’s developer tools to examine the network requests that occur when you manually apply.
and then you can probably reverse engineer how to do it from that.

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Now we have an out-of-the-box functionality for that: June 13, 2024 / Automatic access for assignees, return to expanded panel. Here is a user guide.

Thanks for your question!