Visibility of Public ID & State & other visiblity in @mentions of Entities

Hi Guys,

Sorry for so many posts today. There is another feature that I am guessing you have on the radar, but I wanted to post in as I think the community, in particular @Shafqat_Ullah may be interested in this one, too.

I’d like to request that in the link that shows for mention entities (very glad to have this feature in its current form I want to say!), it would be great if you could add soon both the Public ID, as well as other metadata like “state” from the workflow. The Public ID could display here:

I’ve also seen some implementations where you can get a full view of an entity via modal when you mouse over, or even edit it when mousing over, which would be even better.

But getting back to just adding the Public ID and State, those bits of info are particularly helpful as your Fibery instance grows and entities can start to be similarly named. It would also be easier I think to search if you could use a Public ID.

As I side note, do you have any thought about the Public ID evolving to a “mash up” that might be a combo of the Entity name + ID, like “Bug-34.” That would help even more with organization.

Hoping to see some of this stuff soon, as it would really help keeping organized in Fibery.


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I’m not sure if this related some how, but it would be nice to set the Public ID as the primary field/name.
For bugs or payments, it may be more important to have a unique or even random ID to associate with an object than a custom name. Then when mentioning it elsewhere, we would see the ID.

It will be possible to customize fields for Types that are visible in rich edit field. As a first step, we are adding State and Assignees controls here. It will be released next week I believe.

As the next step we will allow full customization, so you will be able to display any field here: Public ID, Due Date, etc.


Another great feature guys! Can’t wait for more around this, including Highlights, one of your big breakout features!

Keep up the great work!