Prepopulating views/search/forms using URL parameters

This is a feature request to introduce URL parameters to prepopulate stuff in Fibery. For example views, based on variables that can populate the view configuration, or search virables, or form fields.

Why is this needed?

Because in many cases, creating an embedded view as field relation, or a custom view is too much work and requires massive amounts of custom views to be maintained.

The solution is to be able to prepopulate a view using URL parameters…

Use cases:

  1. Customized User Experiences: Use URL parameters for tailored views with specific fields highlighted or hidden.
  2. Temporary Views for Special Events: Generate one-off views for events without altering the existing structure.
  3. A/B Testing: Test different view configurations to gather user preferences without multiple embedded views.
  4. Quick Navigation for Power Users: Allow experts to directly type URL parameters for fast access to desired views.
  5. Integration with External Analytics Tools: Track view access with unique URLs to optimize user experience based on analytics.

Here two examples:

Indeed, it would be awesome if Fibery allowed creating “ephemeral” or “temporary” Views, defined entirely from URL params. :smiley:

And also allow converting such a View to a “permanent” view in the Left menu.

And for “permanent” views, provide a way to get the URL that would “construct” the view.


This would definitely be neat!

At the moment, a view has to be formally created by someone (or by an API call). There is no way to bring a view into existence merely by constructing a URL.
However, you can create context views in smart folders, and the URL for each entity is predictable.
In this case, even though you would seem to be creating a view only once, you are actually creating one for each entity, each of which can then be referenced from anywhere.
(and as a quick point to note, the views will persist even if the smart folder is deleted :wink: )

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Prepopulating form views using URL parameters is now available:

Available now in Forms, but not yet in Search and Views.

Some hypothetical examples: