Public Sharing of Views

Hey! I’m looking to publicly share some real-time dashboard views through a link with others. I’m coming from ClickUp, which can generate a specific public link for sharing a single read-only view with anyone who has the link.

When I attempt to do the same in Fibery, it appears as though I can only share specific Spaces/sets-of-tables with the world, essentially making every table in that Space public.

Is there some sort of in-between where I can share only a specific view from within a space, and select which relationships should be visible, and which should follow the regular permissions structure?

Unfortunately the current Fibery permissions model can only grant permissions on a Space, so the only way to make a single DB publicly visible is to create a publicly visible Space, and create the DB in that space. Views (like tables) do not have any say in the matter of what is visible to whom.

The upcoming change to “entity-based permissions” will give us the flexibility to define access permissions separately for every entity.

Looks like the discussion about this is here. It’s in progress, maybe here soon, and seems like Fibery is really taking the time to do this RIGHT. Wow!

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There are some views that are externally shareable, via URL, e.g. report view, entity view, document.
Since you asked for read-only anonymous sharing, this might be a solution for you.

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