Individual shared to web (original database is not shared to web) but doesn't show on view (in different space, space shared to web)

Since we can’t share individual view to web, I created a view and move to a different space.

Then I shared an individual entity to web, see “Pale Blue Dot” entity is in “Funding Capital” Database

*“Public sustainable Database” Space is a shared Space.

“Sustainable Business” Space is not a shared Space. I don’t want all entities within it to be share publicly

Even if an entity/entities are shared publicly, any view that contains them (that is itself shared publicly) does not ‘know’ about which entities are publicly shared.
Public sharing is just creating individual urls for accessing things, it does not produce complex shared hierarchies.

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I see, thanks, is there any future plan to work on sharing hierachies?
Or share view to web?

And also “Embedding views (external iframe)”?