[DONE] Share Space to the web

Spaces can be shared to the web (set as Public), it means they will be accessible by anyone and indexed (or not) by Google.

How to share space

  • Admin or Creator can Share space to the web. This space becomes available to anyone . For example, If I have xxx.fibery.io Workspace and make User Guide space Public, then ANY anon visitor will see this Space in left menu when open xxx.fibery.io. Direct link to the space will be . | Fibery
  • Under the hood we use read-only users mechanism, but multiplex a single read-only user for all anons visitors.

How to explore/browse space?

  • When a visitor clicks Space, she is redirected to the first View in the space
  • Anon visitor is read-only, she can only browse things and do nothing more.
  • Published space works as you have a read-only users that has access to this space only. It means the user will not have access to entities/views from other spaces, even if they are mentioned somewhere.
  • If you shared several spaces, all of them will be visible to anon user in the left menu.

We are going to finalize and release this feature soon, so far you may try to browse something here


This space is impossible to access with Community account or Corporate SSO account (MS)

Our instance is still down, today it should be fixed

Released as an experimental feature CHANGELOG: April 19, 2022 / My Space, Light theme, Publish Space to the Web

Not sure if this is the best place to discuss, but it seems like you have evolved your product development data model to account for Releases and Roadmap Items. I was trying to account for similar concepts in our model, but it felt like it was getting convoluted with all the concepts. I’m curious how you have handled these models to help with communicating externally, including if you have implemented any automation to help.

I will record the video. Technically here are the main ideas

Public Roadmap

  1. Create a separate Public Roadmap Space with Roadmap Item (RI) database
  2. have 1-1 Link between RI and Feature
  3. Add Public Roadmap checkbox to Feature (to control what features will be visible in Public Roadmap)
  4. Setup several automations to:
  • Create RI when Feature “Public Roadmap” checkbox is checked
  • Copy all relevant data from Feature to RI
  • Maintain the data and state between Feature and RI
  1. Setup required Views inside Public Roadmap space. We have a board, but maybe some will like Timeline more
  2. Share Public Roadmap to the web
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Publish space to the web enabled us to publish all Fibery templates, so you can browse them and install right away


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