CHANGELOG: April 19, 2022 / My Space, Light theme, Publish Space to the Web

This release has two experimental features (My Space and Publish Space to the Web). My Space is quite mature already, so you can safely use it. Publish is less mature, but it breaks nothing, so try it!

:lock: My Space

Now you have a private space in Fibery where you can keep some secrets. New My Space section is visible to you only and hidden even from admins. You can put your Documents, Whiteboards and Views here and do whatever you want with them.

Here are several useful cases:

  • Start and store unfinished documents in My Space section and move them into some public space later when you are ready to share them.

  • Create several Views that you need and don’t touch other parts of left menu at all.

  • Experiment with Views safely.

My Space can be enabled in Experimental Features section (left top menu).

Next step: Add Folders into My Space, enable search.

:sunny: New Light Theme

Fibery went through some restyling by Alex. This theme is the new default. It reduces visual noise and makes Fibery lighter and younger.

Next steps: dark theme? :new_moon_with_face:

:mega: Publish Space to the Web

Now admin or creator can share the whole space to the web. Here is an example of shared space. Space is shared with all databases and all views, so be careful with this feature (it is experimental so far).

To share a space, navigate to the space and click Share button, then toggle it and you will have a link as a result.

We use this feature already to share our:

Share Space to the Web can be enabled in Experimental Features section (left top menu). Please try it and give us some feedback about your own use cases.

Next steps: SEO-friendly sharing, users registration + comments.

:necktie: Better units on cards

Space on cards is organized to display more information. Clipped data pieces can be revealed in the tooltip on hover.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Entities are opened from Timeline in panels now
  • You can close panels using shortcuts now

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • UX: Add “Duplicate whiteboard” option to the actions menu on Whitedoard view
  • Get rid of grey background in read-only mode
  • Import: when importing a CSV with scientific notation, numbers like 1e-06 don’t get detected as 0.000001
  • “Db not found” screen when renaming database
  • History doesn’t work in docs and entities
  • Error and wrong database name after restoring deleted database

Great update. Re: Publish space to web, this is very interesting and works quite well. Our use case is we would like to publish content and models to our community using Fibery. These may have taken 100s of hours to create - they are shared but still ours:

  1. Download as CSV for table view needs to be disabled
  2. Use as template needs to be disabled
  3. Some notice somewhere for copyright, license, creative commons etc.


  1. Indeed I can imagine where it make sense, but note that a user can just copy/paste the whole table
  2. This is disabled by default. To enable it you have to share the space as a template as well. If you will not do that, there will be no such option
  3. It can be added as a License document into Space, like open source projects do InvenTree/LICENSE at master · inventree/InvenTree · GitHub Will it work for you?
  1. Accepted - CSV felt overly welcoming!
  2. My mistake - I had shared before when testing that.
  3. That would be ideal

Note that you can add License document by yourself, so not sure we should change anything here… As for CSV, we will consider turning it off, we were not sure about it and will collect more feedback

I feel that license should be included on each shared view and entity really based on that declaration. You could perhaps offer choices based on common licence types. e.g. About The Licenses - Creative Commons

When entity-level permissions are completed, will they enable the creation of spaces that are partially but not entirely shared to the web? I’ve got an internal wiki that I would mostly love to be able to share with anyone who’s interested, but there are a couple pages that aren’t ready for prime-time yet. It would be amazing to be able to publish the space to the web without those entities and then publish them too when they’re ready.

We will discuss this, we have this problem as well, but so far I don’t have any answers

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About My Space, thank you for including the “Duplicate to My Space” feature :slight_smile: At first I was trying to drag items to My Space but that didn’t work. But then glad to have discovered “Duplicate to My Space” :slight_smile:

Request: could you also add Folders to My Space? :slight_smile:

Already in progress . | Fibery

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My Space is great, I knew would make a good comeback some day. Also, I’m a big fan of the new theme!

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@mdubakov Rather than sharing an entire space publically, Polina mentioned that Fibery is building a capability that will allow embedding a Timeline (or other) view into a shareable document page so that we can share timeline views (via email or Teams) with people who don’t have a Fibery account. I haven’t seen reference to this in progress so appreciate any insight into this feature.

It is definitely anticipated that it will be possible to generate docs (or rich text fields) that incorporate views (including timelines) and you will be able to share the doc (or the entity containing the rich text field).

Note: the names might evolve as functionality is added: document → page, rich text → canvas.

This is all part of the ‘blocks’ work that is in progress.

Is there a thread where I can follow to stay abreast of the canvas / blocks feature set?

The public roadmap is here:

although it might not be obvious how the various items will connect together to give the functionality described