Allow "Share To Web" of a specific View or part of a Smart Folder

I would like to be able to generate a “Share to Web” public URL for a specific View. Right now it seems I can only publicly share an entire Space.

Use Case:

I have a “Client Views” Space that is specifically for sharing Client-oriented views. Here I’ve created a Smart Folder with all Clients at the top level, where each one also contains a number of additional Views and sub-levels for the Client’s Projects, Task, Meeting Notes, etc.

For each Client section in the Smart Folder I’d like to generate a shared public URL for just that section of the Smart Folder, which I could share with that particular Client only, to allow them to access just their own related Views (and not the rest of the Smart Folder contents, i.e. other Clients).

If a Client accesses their shared view while logged in as a paid Fibery User (a member of this Workspace), they should also be able to create & edit entities appropriately.