Smart folder view permissions problem

I have a Sprints database in one space and have created a smart folder in a different space that shows the sprints. A view added to the folder cannot be seen by users with Member permissions, even though the permissions for both spaces set all members to have Editor rights.

Is this a permissions issue? Any known workarounds? Thanks!

When you add a View in Space A, it is not visible in Space B. This is intentional, otherwise it can be too many Views in Smart Folders.

@mdubakov thanks. However both spaces do have Editor rights for all members of the workspace. So I would expect everyone to be able to see all views in both spaces. Might it be some edge case of a smart folder in one space referring to a database in another?

Maybe my explanation was not perfect, let me try again. Imagine you have Product entity and two teams: marketing and development. Both teams use different Spaces and both spaces have SmartFolders. Dev. team want to focus on bugs, stories and features, so they create Views for that. Marketing team wants to focus on their tasks, strategy and channels, so they create Views for that.

These teams don’t want to see each other Views, that is the case we designed this separation for.

Understood. However in this case the team members are included in the sharing settings of both spaces. So why might they not be able to see the views in one of those spaces?

It’s a matter of focus. We decided that you are in Space A you want to focus on cases from Space A.

If the user has Editor rights in a space, shouldn’t they be able to see all the views in that space?

Yes, but View belongs to another space here :slight_smile: It works like an automatic filter of views by space

@mdubakov thanks for help, I discovered it was due to one of the types included in the view not being shared with others, which was a bit confusing but user error nonetheless!