Mention or links to types

That’s a very valid question, and I forgot to explain in my request what I am thinking about!

I think (almost) every user of an app should be able to see a ‘home page’ for that app, with a description of the app’s functionality (see this: Add "Description" area to apps created from Scratch ) including a relationship diagram, showing how types relate to each other (see this: Breadcrumb on Entity card to show location in Hierarchy )

As discussed in the ‘breadcrumb’ thread, one could access a ‘jump-list’ of all entities of a given type, without having to create a specific table view (which uses up real estate in the side bar).

My thought is that it should be possible in documents (and rich-text fields) to #mention a type (or even an app) which when clicked upon takes you to the ‘jump-list’ for that type (or the ‘home page’ for the app).

I’m not surprised that you weren’t able to completely understand all of that unspoken intent in my original request :wink:
Hope it makes more sense now!

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