Some Navigation Requests around Entities, Types

Hi guys,

As I work through Fibery I often find myself eager to click and see at a glance:

  1. What is the App where a Type (and also an Entity) is located, and;

  2. All of the Entities I have in a certain Type.

I intend to use Fibery as much as I can for all I manage, so my Fibery will be built out with 10’s of Entities, and probably 20 - 30 Apps. So I am finding ease of navigating around these a big feature I’d like to see continually improved.

At times I can’t 100% remember which Entity is in which App, and I am the admin. So I think my team may have an even harder time with this. …Right now if I want to find an Entity, I have to look in my left sidebar, which if I have selected for a few “show all entities of this type in left menu” could get very long, and I have to navigate around to find the App in question. So what I wanted to suggest was add some way to quickly see what App an Entity belongs to.

My suggestion would be to show much more in the “ctrl” + “K” search menu - such things as Apps and Entities themselves so you could navigate to them. It would also be useful to see some more related info when you search that way - but this is an obvious feature that I assume you guys are going to build over time.

As for more easily seeing a list of Entities in a Type, I frequently out of reflex just click the Entity name, for example when I’m in the Domain/All App view. Would you guys consider a way to perhaps just see a simple list of all Entities in a Type, without having first to navigate to a view?

Thanks and keep up the good work!