Quick navigation access…

Two shortcuts I would like:

Quick access to name formula

2024-03-06 at 20.48

Clicking this f symbol would be nice to automatically open the name formula editor. Instead, I neeed to usually need to click this option, which is much slower.

It also has the unfortunate drawback that it’s right next to Convert Name to Text Field which I have accidententally clicked more than once, and which has no confirmation and just got rid of my sometimes elaborate formulae… :frowning:

Link to the entity definition

With the many spaces I have, it’s often hard to remember where certain entity databases are defined. I think I’ve raised this somewhere already, but cannot find it in here.

Anyway, would be nice to quickly navigate to a the entity space definition from an entity.

2024-03-06 at 20.53

I’m OK that Alt+Click on the entity name (Product Release) opens the configuration panel:

… but then at least I’d love on this panel to have a link to get to the relevant space. Because sometimes it matters to find where an entiy is like for sharing access and whiteboard bulk import.


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For the second point, your notification panel actually has this pattern:

2024-03-06 at 21.01


Related to these?


Thanks, @Chr1sG, yes. In line with those. :slightly_smiling_face: