👆 Feature Request: Entity Type Click to Navigate to App

To help with Navigating Fibery more fluidly, I’d love to see the ability to click an entity’s type (or database) to navigate to its respective app default page. Even better would be the ability to select views as a dropdown from the entity badge, as you can from the app’s default database page.

You can ALT-click it to bring up the type’s field definitions.

Yes, but it does not bring you to the app or other views. It simply allows you to edit the type and fields.

I’m requesting that when clicking this – it navigates to the database’s app default page or show current views for the database.


I agree that this would be a good step towards improving navigation in persistent context, which remains a primary challenge in Fibery, particularly for new users.

However, in my view this is merely one symptom of a deeper issue: the loss of persistent context. Addressing this symptom alone won’t resolve the root cause, which requires a more structural improvement in navigation. Currently, Fibery’s navigation relies heavily on a breadcrumb-like, click-through system that only retains the last few locations visited by the user.

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I would already be happy if as admin I can click the entity name to navigate to the database. This has bothered me a number of times, I can’t believe ai hadn’t raised this before. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed. Honestly, just being able to get to the database would be amazing.