Navigate between Entities with arrow Keys

I find myself often wanting easier ways to look at a Type’s entities as a whole. This is a frequent feature of other tools where you can simply access “all contacts” etc. In Fibery we have to rely on a default Table view, which is only easily accessible from the “ctrl” + “K” dialogue, or possibly if you favorite that view - but that can’t be reached with the keyboard.

One feature of many other apps that I find myself frequently looking for in Fibery is the ability to move through a list with arrow keys on either side of an Entity. Here is an example (from

This is very useful when moving through a list of issues on a dev board, as an example.

Thanks guys and hope this is something you will think about down the road!

I understand why you want this. But what would determine which entities were “next” or “previous”? The current view’s sort+filters? Entity ID?

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Hey, good questions. I am not in fact 100% sure the way other apps do this. But I’ve used the feature in Jira and Clubhouse and ClickUp and it’s a very nice tool to navigate through Entities. I think, if I had to say, that it would work well with ordering via Public ID, and possibly Views that have filtered Entities, if you open the Entity from such a view.

I have noticed that Entities will turn “yellow”, but haven’t fully mastered where this can be useful. I think if you are viewing in “sidebar” mode and you open an Entity Card, the entity you can still see in the background remains yellow? This is also useful to be able to view an Entity’s details while seeing which one it is on a background board that is still visible.

TargetProcess was all about views, and they had some great ones! So I hope in time we can say the same, if not more, about Fibery, given the pedigree!

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