Some specifics about potential build-out of Entity view for "larger" Entities

Hey guys,

I know this probably overlaps with some other requests, but wanted to mention some thoughts around how you could build out the UI and detail of Entities that would represent “larger” groupings in Fibery. @mdubakov I’m sure you are familiar with an often-seen container in other apps Called “Spaces” or similar, here is an example from ClickUp:

The big “areas,” that roughly are in a similar arrangement as Fibery’s Apps, are an example of such spaces.

I think you guys have a superior set up with everything in Fibery being an entity, and if you create the one - to -many relationship, you can produce a hierarchy that is already very useful right now, here’s one of mine:


So what I am starting to see is how useful it would be if you could customize entities you’d use at the very “top” of this hierarchy to offer some of the benefit that “Spaces” typically offer:

  • Visibility of larger amounts of data from children of the entity. Since these are going to be holding a lot of other data, a bonafide subtable view, or in fact nested sub-views, would be very useful. Now, if I have say both 50 related entities on the level below, and then in each of those several entities each, I can’t really see that the same way that a “Space” offers in the likes of Wrike or Monday.

  • Along those lines, it would be great to be able in the view of the children entities to edit and filter the entities below. In the Clickup example, you have bespoke filters, views, etc. that really help you to focus on the stuff contained in they high level grouping. Similarly, the ability to edit inline would be great, without opening the related entity first and losing the context of the parent entity. In a true subtable, you should be able to just click and edit and the top-level entity stays visible.

  • Some more control of entities below this “larger” parent entity, such as:

  1. extensions that could be used down the hierarchy like tags
  2. Some roll-up, perhaps an activity feed for example of the children entities in one place?
  3. Different types of views of the data in the children, rolling up all levels of children. For example, an embedded board of filtered children entities.

It occurs to me that the App level itself may be a good place for some of this functionality. But the Apps in Fibery don’t have all the metadata around them that entities do. So if I am creating a whole company department as an entity in an App, and I have several such departments, I’d like each to have their own attributes within say a “Department” App, such as person (Department head), formulas (for rolling up data inside the Department), but also to be able to act as this “very high level container” of multitude of entities below in the hierarchy with proper viewing and manipulation of those children entities.

Hope that makes sense and is helpful guys!

Hi again guys,

Sorry to be adding on to my own post, but I wanted to flag this up again (and also possibly bring to the attention of all the new users around here :slight_smile:).

I was reading this post again about freshly-created entities disappearing:

And it made me think of one feature I feel the constant lack of in Fibery, something feel like instinctively I’m looking for but can’t find: A running list or view of all entities in a given App, easily accessible. With the left panel structure and the various views, it is not blatantly obvious where to simply “see” the entities in an App at a glance - you have to dig in a bit in those views to find them.

There is a lot of real estate that is unaccounted for in the App home area, for example this part that for now is uneditable even:

Perhaps you could add some kind of stream of entities around this part of the App homepage?

This is just one element of the above post, but I wanted to flag it up in particular. Thanks!

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