Suggestions for how to create a Team Dashboard

Hi again Guys,

I have been struggling with getting a view where I can see in a board all of what’s assigned to each of my team members across all of Fibery. You might call this a typical “Team Dashboard.” Would you be willing to post how to do this, perhaps in an upcoming Product Video (70’s themed? haha).

The Assignee extension is one that has been challenging for me as it seems to have special treatment. I also notice that when creating apps, the “user” tag shows up on entities that have users related, but it’s not clear to me how that affects views and relations. I’ve read what’s available in the Knowledge Base, but apologies I still don’t understand this well.

Thanks and grateful for any help you can provide!

@B_Sp Assignee extension provides a universal way to make any entity “assignable”, we recommend to always use it if you want to assign people on work items.

If you have many types of work across many apps, the only place where you can see them all is in context views. For example, inside a User entity you can create a view that will show ALL work assigned to the user

This is not cool, so we will think how to make it easier.

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Michael, thank you this is very useful as well as your response here:

I was also curious if there is any good solution in the ViziDrop right now, or is that more for reporting and not viewing individual entities?

Thanks again!