Suggestion for Team Dashboard, and is there a tool for this on the Roadmap?

Hi again,

I am getting close to fully onboarding my team in Fibery, and I"m having trouble figuring out a view where we could see all assigned work at once.

I am used to seeing in some other, better apps a sort of configurable “Dashboard” that will show a range of work and assignments in one view. This would have these basic attributes:

  • Filtering by type of work, due date, etc.

  • Ranking work (entities) based on position on various boards deeper in the app

  • Ability to show certain users’ work in one view, in particular “your” work - the work of the logged-in user. Jira has a nice feature, in board, where you can see the whole teams’ avatars, and simply select one at a time to show the respective assigned tasks. It’s a sort of quick filter.



@B_Sp We have personal dashboard in future plans.

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Michael, thanks for confirming, good to know! Will try to figure some other solution until this gets live…

Hi again, just wanted to follow-up that I am having trouble with this, I just posted a request for any help anybody could provide!:

Also this is closely related to this request:

Thanks guys!

Oh and PS, this thread is a great illustration of how the community software, Discourse, shows references to @mentions when they occur to other threads here in the Fibery community. Cannot wait to see Highlights and can’t say enough how excited I was to see it on your guys’ twitter as something planned pretty soon!


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@B_Sp There is no Dashboard View in Fibery yet. You can solve this problem in several ways.

First solution is create views inside every user like this. You can quickly open any user and see his work. Then jump to another user:

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any updates or changes for this?

i did realise that is is possible to embed views into a document filtered by “me” and “date” … this could be the solution

now is there a way of adding buttons to a document too?

Nope, sorry. Buttons are tied to databases, so can only appear in an entity view, or in places where entities are shown (tables, boards etc.)

got it, ok