August 31, 2023 / 😈 Create a Formula with AI, Inbox filters, Grid View improvements

:smiling_imp: Create a Formula with AI

Formulas in Fibery are powerful, but you have to learn the syntax to write them.

Now you can try to generating formulas with the help of AI using simple language requests. Provide a brief description of your formula and click the Generate using AI button. The formula will be generated within seconds.

2023-08-31 14.22.38

In some cases formula will be not right, but most likely it will give you better ideas how to fix it and help you learn formulas syntax.

:cake: Inbox: Filter by notification event and status

You may receive many notifications, but want to focus on some important, like mentions or new comments. Now you can filter your inbox by event type and read status. Just click Filter button on top of your Inbox and configure it for your needs.

:mending_heart: Lists: Add a button on card hover to unlink from relation List

Once in a while a sad admin reaches out to us saying they have to restore yet another card because a user confused Unlink with Delete. So we’ve made sure Unlink gets its prominent place outside of the context menu.

:framed_picture: Embeds: Allow embed links that are not supported by iframely

Some URLs are not supported by the Iframely service. In this case, Fibery can embed these links as they are in the iframe. Use Compatibility mode switcher to enable it.

:bus: Embed Feed View into Rich Text

Now you can embed Feed View into documents and rich text fields. It may help you to create more interesting documents. Here we embed retreat feedback results into our Retreat doc, for example:

:older_man: Grid View improvements

Grid View is closer and closer to Table View replacement (so far it is still in Experimental features). In this release we added right-click context menu to the Grid View:

It is now possible to create Grid View inside entities (as a relation view)

You can also duplicate Grid View now, and we fixed a bunch of bugs:

  • Open button is partly cut in FireFox
  • Grid view does not open in panel
  • Clear rows/cells selection after rows removal
  • Clear values by Backspace works wrong for Workflow
  • Wrong name for exported grid file
  • Get rid of empty circle for ‘No value’ in avatar column

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Inconsistent linked-highlights behaviour
  • No scrollbar appear when needed in list, grid levels dropdown
  • Sometimes it’s not so easy thing to get link to header as it displayed the same place as ‘…’ menu
  • Form view/Comments: ‘…’ menu for right column is displayed out of rich-text borders
  • Users management: filtering breaks if there is space at the end. We should skip it
  • Space creation. Wrong place for default cursor focus → now it’s in ‘search emoji’ instead of space name
  • Formula calling Greatest with 7 params fails
  • Error when close same view opened in parallel panel
  • Wrong emoji is inserted after selection, skin color gets lost for some reasons
  • Two copies get created on duplicating any view
  • Formula on restoring should recalculate all the entities
  • Focus should be put to the first notification once user opens Inbox so he can use navigation buttons
  • Broken document duplication from view menu
  • Copied text with list is pasted as hyperlinks in another document
  • The background color of the new field is too bright when created
  • GraphQL: Emoji as name field breaks GraphQL API

Very excited to try this!

Also, embedded feed view :pray:


Your productivity and consistent pace of development is legendary! :muscle: AI formulae, inbox filtering, … so much goodies! :heart_eyes:

This is my favourite as it allows me some things I wished to do since I came here. You were once again quicker than I could’ve requested it, as I was wishing for the option to embed non iframely sites as well this week. You are either telepaths or I accidentally connected my mind to the Fibery API! :sweat_smile::wink:

Thank you very much! :cake:


Once again, awesome release!

This is also a huge improvement in case of customer support! Happy to see this.


What is the point of encapsulating a view if I cannot do a specific (context-bound) filter on the encapsulated view?
Because if I do a filter it becomes the one and only filter for that view, replicated wherever the view is reported.
Encapsulating views within documents or rich text fields makes sense if the filters are contextualised to the information content in which the view is immersed.
For the ‘feed view’ it is even more pointless to have the possibility of encapsulation within a document (due to the size it might occupy in the document itself, think of the feed view representing a glossary for instance), whereas it would make sense if you could apply a context-related filter, valid only there (selection of specific glossary entries for instance).
So as things stand, in Fibery for n different contexts I have to create n different view objects, each with the filters and possibly fields appropriate to the context. Then I encapsulate each created view at the point in the document I want. Then you can circumvent the problem, with the consequence of having, as the case may be, many views that differ only by the filter applied, overpopulating the left-hand tree.
It is in my opinion an approach that needs to be reviewed.

Kind regards.

If you create an embedded view within a rich text field, it will be context-filtered to only those entities that are linked to the item.
If you embed a pre-existing view (from the left menu) in a rich text field, there is no filtereing (you are basically just seeing whatever the creator of that view wanted to show).

A feed view that is created within a rich text field will be context filtered.


Thank you, I had completely missed this feature.
It would be very useful at this point to be able to use a toggle object to hide/display the view. Maybe the toggle object already exists, but I could not find it.

Not yet.
The current workaround is to put the view under a heading and use expand/collapse of the heading

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Awesome release! So many functionality & fixed bugs, insane :star_struck:

After a short citytrip, I had several 29 different notifications in my inbox. So a good moment to test the filter option.

The filter option itself works great if you don’t want to see stuff, but it doesn’t help you to actually clean up your inbox fast.

Since you don’t have the option to:

  • Filter on X and then delete all notifications that match the filter (example: filter on errors and delete those since the team already fixed them)
  • Filter on X and then mark them all to ‘Today’ (example: filter on mentions because you need to reply the comments)

Because we work with templates, we often have whole projects with tens of tasks that will get assigned to a user at once. I can imagine there are multiple use cases where it would be nice to process your notifications with bulk changes.

Maybe by adding a select box so you can select all/some notifications (with a bit of help via filters) and then use the actions options? :smile:


I consider this as a bug, we will fix it. Thank you for the feedback!


I was playing around with grid view inside an entity page and noticed a visual bug: the Grid view label is partially visible even when the panel is too small to show it (see area highlighted in oval):


I was also wondering if there are way of reducing the space used on the left side of the record:

  • Re-ordering handle: could this be made optional or at least take up less space?

  • Database icon: I know that the database icon also doubles as nesting control. However, when there is no nesting defined, is it possible to allow admins to remove this?

  • Open entity button: It is great that you are now able to open an entity even if the name column is not displayed. However, I was wondering if this button could be configured to show up on hover on the right side of the first column (as it does if the name column is visible), regardless of if it is a name column or not. It seems like such a waste to reserve this space for this button

If you create an embedded view within a rich text field, it will be context-filtered to only those entities that are linked to the item.

Is there an example of this somewhere? As I seem to be only be able to reference existing views while I do /embed view in Rich Text, and I see no other way to create adhoc views in rich text that get filtered on the context?

I’m specifically trying to setup views for sprint reviews that list tasks relevant to the assigned person of the meeting easily, and per doc - but in the text.

Just type << followed by the name you want the view to take. Choose a view type from the drop-down and choose Create

Interesting - thank you for the help!

  • For some reason the Database dropdown remains blank and has no entries - even though the entity type has lookups to other types? (E.g.: I want to show the tasks that are assigned to the sprint to which the document is related)
  • It would help if the create option is always available? And not only when I type a name it can’t find?

The dropdown I meant was for the type of view, not for the db to be shown.
I hope the following video might help:

Apologies, as I was unclear.

After creation of the new view, I have no options on the table:

Document is setup with a one to many relationship to Sprint and has a rollup relationship for the Bugs in Sprint. Both are not visible.

However, if I add in a many-to-one to one other database, I do get that database, and some semi-related other ones?

You probably need to read the guide on context views:
Not all relations (direct or indirect) are possible.

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Fixed in the latest release