Help: Daily note: Tasks due Today

Hi all!

Anyone here using daily notes? from Obsidian I am used to create a Daily note that incorporates a list of tasks due today and overdue.
Is there a way of doing that in fibery as well? I do not want to create a relationship because this would fill up horribly. …
also adding a view manually to the daily note is unsexy

how are you solving this? is there a “best practice” I could adopt? maybe my workflow is not thought from the right angle - but I do think it would be great, if all my team members get this daily note autocreated - think like a personal dashboard - they can fill every day…


I just found that there is a way of having embeds that are filtered “by me” … that is a start …

You can have an automation that runs every day (in the User db) and creates a Note entity in the linked Notes db.
Then you can set up views (per user in a smart folder perhaps) that filter for Notes created today, or maybe have a two level smart folder with Users → Notes and apply a filter on the smart folder.

Or you can add a filter on the User’s entity view to limit which Notes are shown in the relation field.

I now created a “Dashboard Note” that has embeds of lists which i filter “by me” and “today” … that works. but the dashboard in itself can not create daily-note content because i cannot show the content of a single other document that is filtered by day and me.

i tried to embed a feed-view - that way i could use the note inside the dashboard document (filtered by date and assignee; then creating a daily note assigned by creator would be easy to do) … but feed is not embeddable

is there a plan to enable embed of feed as well?

embedding a “list” of a single daily-note that i have to click on to write in it is a sub-optimal solution in my view. (that would squish the dashboard onto the side … ) and having a separate place to look for it also.

any other way to place a rich text doc on the top of the Dashboard?

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At some point, it probably will become possible.

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Released today:

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