Template for 'Today' or 'Now' timestamps

Here is a simple template that will allow you to automatically insert today’s date (with or without the current time) by typing #Today (or #Now).


Hmm, cool in theory to have. I didn’t install the template because I don’t want to clutter up my workspace further :smile: But by the looks of it I’m wondering if this just clutters things up with a lot of specific date/time-named entities. Is that how it works? Not to be an ingrate, I appreciate you putting this together.

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Yeah, it does, sorry!
It’s an ugly workaround until this functionality is native :man_shrugging:




100% agree with you here, having Entities that are dates/times is not the way to do this. Would really like to see some of what we talked about here in the mix:

In particular, if you could do some kind of Activity Stream that would enable you to pick up dates, the same way referenced entities show up in the “references” area perhaps, you would have a massively innovative feature.

Say I’m in a doc that has some sanctity in the system - an important Memo, spec, etc. When I write in edits, I’d like to tag with a date in a text block when I made them. This way I could see how long the doc was edited if it needs a final version for example, or if it’s a standing doc, for example procedures on asking for leave, I could make notes with an inline date around when a change was made. Maybe not the best examples, but bottom line I’d love to be able to see what happened on a given day in Fibery - entities I created, comments I made, references I made, and edits I made where I tagged that day’s date

And @Oshyan I actually gave up a vote somewhere so I could add another vote into your request, up to 5 now!!


I prefer block-level edit dates/history for this, but otherwise yes, I agree, having a “date” as more of a system-wide “first class concept” so to speak, and being able to interact with it, imbued with an intrinsic understanding of time/dates, and tools within the system to operate on that understanding (timelines, filters, calendars, etc. for arbitrary dates within free text, for example), yes absolutely.


Yes, well said, what you described I think would be even more useful!