Show full date in Comments, References, other key activity on Entity

Hi guys,

I leverage the communication aspects of Fibery heavily, and I wanted to ask if you could add actual date and times around comments and References, and anywhere else this does not display precisely. It is important to have not only the day, but the time as well, which is useful, too.

In comments, the date/time displays like this:

And the same in References:

Image 2020-10-06 at 11.44.51 PM.png

It’s not obviously to my team even what “M” is for, as that is not a standard way in any chat tool to represent “months.” (no plural implied, for example)

My request is to simple replace those with the full date and time. I hope that is not a big thing to implement.

Thanks guys!

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Hey guys, wanted to bump this up, curious if anybody else has interest in this. As my team gets into Fibery, we could really use this as it’s hard at times to infer what was “2M” ago when that can be a large range of time. Also, could really use the actual time of comments, not just date.

Related to Activity Stream I think too as I’m curious if the dates there will have the detail of day/time, and not this more general timeframe we have in comments (that I’m requesting to show more detail!)


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I definitely agree with this. I get little value out of the obfuscation of dates/times. No matter the app/context I seldom want to know that it was “3d ago”, “1 week ago”, or “1 year ago”. I want to know the date and, ideally, the time as well. :grin:

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Personally, I like the hybrid way discourse does it e.g it changes from 1m to 2h to 3d to Nov 12 to Jan '19
So the resolution decreases the further back in time one goes.

I like the way it is now.
Don’t know if it’s enough for you, but you can hold over the time label to get exact timestamp.

Yes great point, I am used to seeing this in just about any other app, even basics stuff such as Gmail, and this is particularly troublesome for my team as we use comments extensively as we get into Fibery - this is mainly around entities we are using for Software development work, tasks, and Projects.

As previous long-time users of Jira, we had - what I think is typical - extended discussion of issues in the comments stream. The Activity Stream and Comments could be interwoven, as well as time logs. It’s all very useful to see in one place. However, when an issue is getting this type of activity for a few days or say up to a few weeks, it is essentially to see a readable timestamp of those logs. I feel like this is getting “fancy” when an app tries to put this info by using terminology like “12 days ago” when I would just like to see the date and the time. It becomes very difficult though when this gets past a month, so if you have “2M” ago you’re left to guess over a large range of time. I could see compromise @Chr1sG that would use the Discourse method, but if you notice in the right bar we have this “scale”:

…that shows the date. If we had that alongside comments in Fibery it would also help the situation.

And @Haslien thanks for chiming in, I’m aware of that, but that takes an extra movement of the mouse and I try to use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible. And, you can’t get a view across a set of Comments as you scroll through. I’m curious - I can tell you are using extensively Fibery in your business, but does your team do a lot of Asana/Todoist/Wrike/ClickUp like task management and Project and Meeting tracking in Fibery? Or are you tracking that stuff in another tool? We are trying to get ALL our work into Fibery, including every day tasks. It’s around this type of entities where we have the biggest need to see the dates

Thanks guys!

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Indeed we use it a lot. Meetings is a waste of time if its goal can be achieved naturally. We used to have meetings every morning, but structuring, automation, regular responsibilities, and truly connected information eliminated our need for what regular meetings we did have.

We do not use any other tools project/task tracking, aside from emailing and MS Teams for communication. 5 of 6 work in the same open space, and we would delegate tasks on post-it notes, verbally, or over Teams messages. Despite what you may think, it worked and stuff was getting done—but problem was that we had to rely on the person assigned to know overall status.

Everything we do relies on projects. A customer can have multiple projects as we run a photostudio that only deliver physical products. We take the photos, edit, print, assemble, and send all in-house, in addition to other bespoke solutions that goes with it. Sometimes we have to use a third party for certain prints and foiling, and we have to order raw materials. Everything and every step is tracked in Fibery.

Now we are more focused on delegating regular responsibilities over the progression of a product. There are sometimes tasks given verbally or over Teams, but we do have a generic tasks board that is getting more and more used.

Some of us track time on everything we do, down to the minute, using Fibery buttons, lookups, and single select. I’m trying to eliminate as much manual labour and manual checking as possible.

In regards to our communication with each other, exact timestamp is irrelevant most of the time. “5m” and “Nov. 7” suffice.

Hey @Haslien thanks, good of you to put the time in to share that experience.

I am glad to hear that your team is using Fibery to that granular degree. I am in fact very interested in Time tracking and going to post some suggestions to @antoniokov in the Time Tracking area in “Share your App” momentarily.

Interesting re: Meetings. Fibery has actually made our Meetings more meaningful than any other app we ever used, because with Highlights you can record any notes in full about anything in the system, and that stays in Fibery as documentation. Other tools only allow you to reference say tasks, and even if you can, you can’t see what was said in the meeting about them. That said, as we move along, we are moving to more asynchronous communication outside the Meetings because we can do the same with particular Entities we have set up to accomplish this, like something we have called “Internal Memo”, and do the same highlighting and linking, so everybody knows full context, without the need for such regular meeting. Which is great!

It does sound like you are doing some simple task tracking still in Teams, and this is something we are trying to get fully into Fibery. We quit slack some time ago in favor of a tool, because it better handled threads - topics that needed resolution. I am trying to do the same in Fibery and I will post more soon how I’m doing this, but I talked about this a bit here:

But now we’ve brought back Slack due to the Fibery integration, it’s working well for notifications so as a result we are trying to move EVERY single task into Fibery! Sometimes this means we are working on something urgently during the day, and we thus need to see the time of comments around that task - did somebody get to it in the morning?, will it get done by 2pm so we can then take further action that’s dependent by close of business, and that type of need.

Thanks again for that input!