[Approved] Ability to add in-line dates w/notifications (rich text, documents, comments)

I would very much like the ability to add in-line dates with reminders in as many places as possible. The major examples that come to mind are any Rich Text Field, Documents, and in Comments (both Extension-type, i.e. Entity-level comments, and highlight comments). This is a feature that many other systems have, including Notion, Quip, and tools like Roam, and it’s very useful for when you want to be reminded of something specific to a document (or section of a document), or where creating a full Entity (e.g. Task) is not justified, i.e. too “heavy”. I use this all the time in the other tools that support it, even where dedicated task functionality is also available.

Here’s what Notion’s UI for in-line dates looks like, with the reminder options expanded to the right:

They are just another type of element you can add with the / menu.

They would also enable flexibility to potentially accommodate other workflows like this one:


I have to say I love to be able to simply @mention a date in Notion, and it stays updated. Seems like a simple feature that could come over to Fibery - and many other apps for that matter. I don’t think Notion has done any “rocket science” with this. Confluence has the capability too, but it’s a bit less dynamic. Still, that’s another wiki app with this capability, so again you can see where it could be well served in Fibery

Good suggestion!

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I just wanted to add some additional context here:

I think the ability to add in dates in just about any context, even in Entity titles, and then possibly assimilate these on some “date report” would be an amazingly useful feature for teams to have a look at what they have been doing at a glance.

Perhaps when Activity Stream is released, if it includes an overview of the entire workspace activity, you guys could pull into that all “@mentions” of dates of the particular day you are showing in the Stream. This would be a sort of Roam-esque capability mirroring Roam’s “Daily Notes,” but a more dynamic one, since Roam is only taking pages that you name a certain date and putting them in one “Daily Notes” area, where what I’m talking about here would be a process inside Fibery that finds all @mentions of dates and brings a reference to them into the particular day in the Activity Stream.

Happy to explain further if that wasn’t clear, and thanks for considering!

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Interesting thought, similar to some I’ve had on relation to my use of Notion. We of course need the addition of @date type functionality in the first place. And since we can’t @mention in titles, that would be a whole feature in itself as well, and one that might be useful but also seems potentially problematic to implement well and/or prevent weird things happening with.

I wouldn’t want any date-like text to be automatically picked up in this way, I think it should only be dates explicitly “tagged” or "mentioned. So I’d suggest that perhaps any time you wanted to include a date in a title it should be an auto-generated (formula) title, although I’d personally like that to be done on a per-entity basis and not Type-wide.

Going back to the original idea itself, I don’t really see it being ideal to integrate the dates view into the activity stream. What I wanted from Notion also seems applicable here: a date “feed” one could connect to from any View, e.g. create a Calendar View and you can select “Tagged dates” as the source of dates, perhaps even letting you filter by App or Type. Then all the tagged dates @11/15/2020, etc. would show up on the calendar. Or you could switch to Table view and see them that way, with one column being the page they are on, maybe another being the day it was tagged with that date. Just thinking out loud a bit here. But the point was I thought essentially that tagged dates anywhere in the system should go into a central feed that was available to display or use like any database data source would be.

Does that sound like it would address the needs you have in mind as well? Or is there some particular reason you’d want it integrated into the activity feed, and if so, what would that actually look and work like? For instance I didn’t envision the activity stream having any kind of date selector, I figured it would be like most of them are, a sequential list of notifications/activities, with hopefully a read/unread status indicator (and a way to dismiss individual or global notifications). This would of course include date reminders that had been triggered, but the “data feed” + calendar view seems more like a comprehensive way to interact with and manage tagged dates.

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I wanted to add one more use of this I have been wishing for:

My team uses Rich Text fields to handle needs where in other apps you might use the Comment Stream. We have a Rich Text for “Project Conclusion” and “Task Resolution,” that we fill in when something is done. Lately when that’s filled in, we’ve had a few instances where the entity had to be revisited after the fact. It would have been very useful to see the date of when that “Task Resolution” information is filled in. Having the ability to @mention the date like you can do in Notion would have been great and solved the need perfectly!

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I know my vote can’t count twice, but I wanted to bump up this great collection. I continue to see this as one of the absolutely best features of Notion that seems like is not proprietary by any means - you can do it in Confluence, and in Roam they basically let you do it with a “/“ that creates a reference to a page with the name of the date. Notion also has a nice feature that lets you put in the time if you type the word “now” which is very useful. Use Case: Your team is editing among a few key players a time-sensitive spec, and you’d like to see when each of them puts in their respective edits. Or, in Rich Text, you’d an run a sort of “log” of the narrative.

And finally, it is very useful to be able to, in one quick keystroke, add a dynamic date to the title of an Entity. This is extremely helpful for Entities that are date-centric, like Meetings, etc. There is a lot of talk about creating Entity titles via Formulas, which granted I have not explored yet, but the simple ability to add in a date into the title with an @mention would be super useful for my day-to-day in Fibery.

Since this is “approved” now (great news!), I hope these ideas can be useful to @mdubakov and team for the execution of this feature.

Thanks again for the suggestion @Oshyan and hopefully we can get some more support soon!

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Great point on the utility of being able to use this in e.g. entity titles! I hadn’t assumed it would be extended that far, but really I can see potential benefit in it all over the place, including your suggestions above.

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Hey, great to get that support! Yes, when I do work in Notion I really appreciate that, and as I work more and more in Fibery, our team is finding greater and greater use, and there are more examples where it would be super helpful to be able to have certain Entities which’s title led with a commonly formatted Date. Like a recurring Project to generate invoices this month, or a day’s recurring activity in the Support Box, etc.

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