New Extension type - Checklists

Hi again guys,

This is probably on your roadmap as a very fundamental feature, but I wanted to just add my 2c and some uses of Checklists, which I think would work best as an extension that would complement each entity.

I realize we have checklists now in a simple form that can be added as a block within the canvas of Docs and Rich Text fields. However, aside from “x-ing out” when checked, there is no substance around them. So for things like Software dev, they aren’t as useful as more integrated lists like you might see in some Jira add-ons and other programs, which have:

  • ability to add due date
  • state (status) like “in progress,” etc.
  • assignee - could be multiple within one entity

I’d be looking to use these for the obvious dev stuff like Acceptance Criteria and Test Case Management, as I still have big hopes that you guys will bring some of this to a more built-out Software app template soon!

As an extension, I think you’d have the advantage of the checklists existing “around” the entity, and not embedded like current checklists, so they could also be used on dashboards, for example, where you could show a user assigned entities, checklist items, and comments (which I just wrote about here).

Thanks guys as always for the consideration!