Board View - Checkbox Progression

In Trello the cards which contain checkboxes show the progression on the card.
I would love this feature implemented here also.

Also I think comments count and files count should not be visible when 0. Not showing also tells the user there are 0 comments or files and is cleaner for the overview.


This is great and relates to a similar feature I’d like to see - a progress bar for parent-level entities showing number of “done” child entities. I am guessing you guys may be thinking about this as it’s a basic of a lot of tools, such as Trello discussed here.

Although @Suprevo you may be referring to in-canvas simple bulleted checklists, I like the idea of trying to set up what are essentially checklists in Fibery by creating sub-relations to other entities, with the child entities being the equivalent of checklist items that you’re referencing in Trello. The Entity View is well designed, and if you have a many-to-many relation thus resulting in the “collections” style view of the child entities, this really resembles a lot of other apps’ so-called “checklists” within a task/issue. However with Fibery we have the added bonus that those child entities are full-fledged entities of their own which can have all the substance a user desires. I’ve seen in apps like Jira, ClickUp, Clubhouse a lot of user requests for more built-out checklists, such as allowing a checklist item to have a workflow state/status, re-ordering the checklist items, even simple things like due date, and Fibery already has all this built-in due to the approach that these are actual entities in the case of Fibery.