Probably obvious, Progress Bar on various entities?

Hey guys, I am seeing ample situations where different types of progress bars would be very useful. I am experimenting around with both a set up (I believe like TargetProcess had) where you have a feature -> user story -> task. This is akin to many other hierarchical arrangements in apps, like Jira Epic/Issue/Subtask.

I think it would be great if you could roll up to the top level entity all children that are progressing underneath. So if there is an additional hierarchy level, the “top” top parent would be tracking in the Progress Bar all bottom-level entities. In turn, the “mid-level” entities would have their own Bars that would complete as their children are done.

Particularly useful to me, as I intend to go even higher to the level of Project, Initiative, and so forth, would be the ability for this Progress Bar to “know” what groups of entities are below, and show a view reflecting this breakdown. This would be in effect a very “smart” Progress Bar, as it would expand let’s say as sub-entities with children are added. I used Aha quite a bit, and it does well here, as there are very high level pieces called “Goals” that can track across many lower-level groups, while the lower-level ones also have their own Progress Bars.

I’m sure something is in the works from you guys, and I hope this feedback is useful and you formulate your plans to introduce this key feature!

Thanks as always.

Hey guys, just wanted to add some thought about something perhaps simpler that maybe you could implement sooner?

I noticed you have the “done” state with different attributes than the others in the Workflow extension. Entities in that state turn “grey” and distinguish themselves. If you could add an additional type of view in “Connections” here:

…where you currently just show the “count” of associated sub-entities, that would bring in some help here. The “3” here is the number of subtasks I have. In reality, one is “done.” So if that could expand to show something like “1 of 3 done” that would really help visibility when trying to look at stuff at different angles across different hierarchies.

Thanks guys as always!