In Table view, toggle to see child items

One feature I’ve found extremely useful when organizing work is the ability to see down into a hierarchy of child items. Here is an example from Wrike:

You can see in the table view an item with children has an “>” indicator to show show you those items are there. But it is collapsed in this view, so you don’t see them.


Then, when you click that, it opens up the sub items so you can view them in the context of the table, too:


I think this would be a great addition to the table view!

Thanks guys!

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Yes, this feature would be quite useful, especially to organize types that can have themselves as child entities (projects, tasks, etc.)

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@anayericov, yes exactly, until there is a clear “subtype” you can create, I too am using type - to - type relations on the same level to create these types. Excellent that Fibery allows that as a solution to this need for now!

@B_Sp We have quite many requests to add this already and in future we do want to make Tables hierarchical.


@mdubakov By “hierarchical” do you mean that you could have one table view to show all nested entities (e.g. in the Execution app, have a table of products with initiatives for each nested below it and tasks nested below that)? That would really make things intuitive as you currently have to click through each entity to see the nested items.

If we could have the aggregate row(s) in there as well (Row grouping and total row in table view), that would amazing!