Sub Types - suggestions, or new feature?

Hi Guys,

You have talked about hierarchy views in Twitter, Medium, etc. as a focus of your current Roadmap. I could really use this as I move along in Fibery. Being able to create one’s own hierarchy I think is a key aspect of a no code tool that should be available. It’s a cornerstone of Notion in fact. And a big piece of the popular work management tool Wrike.

I have had trouble making a hierarchy in Fibery as I think the suggested solution is to create a new type, and then a “many-to-one” relation. I have spoken with the team about using a relation to make a “one-to-many” within a type, like this:

But I had some issues with the left menu and folders rendering correctly, which I think is why the team suggested to me I don’t do this.

Have you thought about the ability to simply create a “sub-type”? This would help me tremendously, as I have many things that I’d like to set up on a multi-hierarchy level, and not be limited. At times, two levels of hierarchy are sufficient, but others I might want to go 5 deep. It would greatly simply my Fibery set up if I could just make some sub-levels within a type.

Thanks guys!

The solution here is to just support self-reference relations well. We did not pay enough attention to that, but with Hierarchy View release we will.

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Michael, that’s great to hear you’re thinking that way! I have really studied a ton of work management and issue tracking apps out there, and the way TargetProcess handles this is about the best I’ve seen. So assuming that was something you were behind back when it was released :wink: I have high hopes for what you’ll come up with for Fibery!

This is a huge need I have to move forward in the evolution of my Fibery set up, so if you feel inclined to preview anything whenever you have something to show, would love to see it…Kind of like when you gave us a taste here:

Cheers and thanks again!

I would also love some roadmap updates :slight_smile:

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