[DONE]Progress bar for project management

Hi all,

For managing projects I use a progress bar to see what the progress of a project is. The only thing I’m running up against is that it’s only checking for tasks, not for subtask or sub-subtasks, etc.
This is the formula I’m using: (Taken.Filter(State.Name = “Done”).Count() / Taken.Count()) * 100

The same goes up for the "Number of tasks left to complete.
This is the formula I’m using: Taken.Filter(State.Name != “Done”).Count()

Is there a way to change the formula to make the formula checking for all levels of tasks inside the same project?


You can probably do it by using a recursive formulas on the Task db level.

So if the Project contains Tasks, and Tasks are self-related (one-to-many) you might want to do something like this:


Note: to create a formula that refers to itself in a related entity, you need to create the formula field first (with some dummy value of the correct data type) and then re-open it and edit to refer to itself.
The autocompletion will not propose the field name though, so you have to type it manually - you will know if you got it right because the red underline will disappear.


Thanks for your fast reply! I will implement this.

Thank you.