Rolling up multiple fields with formulas/automation to determine “done” state of entity

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask if you plan to have a feature like this:

I’d like to track to an entity’s “completion” by pulling together the states of related entities in a few fields.

So let’s say I have a Project Entity. I might have related fields for “tasks,” “research,” and say “candidates” if the Project has to do with some kind of company expansion. I’d like to set up a formula so that the entity will track all the outstanding “open” entities there are in each of these related areas. So if I have 12 tasks, 3 “research” entities, and 4 candidates, I’d want to see them all in some kind of “done” state before I consider the project done. Then, ideally I’d like to set up Automation to move the Project to “done” automatically once the last of those relations completes…

It would be great if I could also have a progress bar, possibly an extension?, in the mix that would give me a % complete of all these related fields I am tracking towards overall completion of the project.

This would be a very unique feature that few other work management tools offer as generally they will only track one time of roll up, like subtask, but one of the great things with Fibery is you give flexibility to make your own structures like this.

Thanks guys!

@B_Sp If I understand you correctly, you can do that this way.
Here we have a Release with Bugs and Stories. You can create a formula to calculate count of all related entities, like this

And next you can have a formula to calculate progress across all entities:

(([User Stories].Filter(State.Final = true).Count() + Bugs.Filter(State.Final = true).Count()) / ([User Stories].Count() + Bugs.Count())) * 100


@mdubakov hey great! Yes, that is exactly what I was asking about! Very excited to see that formulas already have the sophistication to assimilate values from multiple related areas into one aggregate total. This is great feature giving you guys a good dimension I haven’t seen in other apps, really cool to see this!

Eagerly anticipating how this will factor into Automation when you guys get to it. I’d love to take this to another level by doing stuff like auto-closing the parent entity when everything that is rolled up in the relations reaches “done” state, or things like triggers: if you get to a pre-determined completion state of, say, 75% of related entities that are tracked with the formula, you create a new entity, or send an Email, etc.