Can we have 'calculation' fields at the entity level, please

I currently have the need to define some KPIs, and often they are calculated mathematically.
Would it be possible to have a field in which the user (not the admin) can type an equation? Kinda like a formula field, but where the formula is not defined once for all entities of a specific type, but where each entity has it’s own equation.
I suppose it could be implemented a bit like how MS Word supports fields, where you can press F9 to switch between showing the formula and showing the result.

Hi, Chris!
Sounds curious. And which kind of calculation has to be done in a certain Entity? Could you please share the case with details?

My example is where I want to create company-wide KPIs. I have an idea that I could create an entity type in fibery called KPI.

One KPI entity would have a name “Project completion” and a (number) field called ‘Score’, which is a calculation based on the values of other fields of other entities,
e.g. Score = 100 - (Project.Sum([Completion date] - [Due date])) pseudocode
so that you lose a point for each day a project over-runs

Another KPI might be “Sick days”, but in this case
Score = 100 - Employee.Sum([Sick days] - 5) pseudocode
so that you lose a point for each day an employee is off sick more than 5

So I need a field which is a calculation but that can be different for each entity. So the calculation is not a formula defined during type definition, but rather is only defined when an entity is created/edited.

Another way of looking at it is that I need a field that behaves like an Excel cell, so I can type a formula (using fibery formula coding) and the field shows the resultant value.

Have I made it any clearer? Hope so…:slight_smile:

Yes this would be a useful capability!