[REJECTED] Editable Formula Field

Given Fibery’s existing powerful configuration potential, and hopefully even greater abilities here moving forward, I’d like to suggest a rarely seen, but very useful and power feature of Ability to edit a formula field.

This is very useful if you are using a formula field to build some activity data in an entity. One Example would be “editing when an entity is closed” if you are using a button to pre-fill a field with that info. This is something I have set up for my team which is a real time saver: You simply hit a button “close entity,” and it pre-fills a formula field with that date. Without this, my user has to remember to fill in this field manually with the clunky (sorry guys, but it’s true) date picker.

However, what if you forget to hit this button and want to mark the entity closed a week after the fact? If you are using this type of formula field, there is no way to edit that date. But if we had Editable Formula Fields, perhaps with a simple ellipses option to “edit value,” you could solve this.

Without the editable formula field, you’d need another simple text field reserved for manual entry of this info, and I’m not sure how you’d come to terms with these two fields used for this need.

Of course, if there is another way to accomplish what I’m describing here, would love to hear that!

Thanks guys!


Basically you’re talking about a sort of “manual override” for the data in one entity’s “formula” field, correct? If so, I’m in favor of this as well. Sometimes there are exceptions to the formula and it’s helpful to be able to do that without some workaround.


Yes exactly, thanks for your typical succinct summary of my meandering explanations of features! Glad that you’d find this useful, hopefully many more aside from the two of us would have good use of this feature!

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This is something that was sort of discussed here:


Hey, thanks for surfacing that over here (excellent use of linking - a mainstay of Fibery!). What you describe is even more sophisticated and yes, would be great to have. I hadn’t though about being able to on demand determine if the formula runs or not, intriguing!

Noted your request. but not sure whether we would be able to support that in the nearest future. There are some workarounds and you can make some views, to handle it more carefully.
If we will change our minds and will decide to support that - I will text back here :slight_smile:

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So, I’m seeing this in one of my tables’ formula-defined name field. That is, it’s editable. Is this a bug?

Anything generated by formula should not be editable. Can you provide us some more details so we can figure out what you’re experiencing.

If you want to have editable field that is filled somehow, you can use Automations to do that. We will never implement editable formula fields due to technical problems

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