Customize Fields via Rules

I’d love the ability to customize the UI appearance of an entity’s fields – and most importantly, to be able to make some fields “read only”.

A “read only” single-select field would be very useful to define an entity as a particular “subtype” of its Type (or subclass – another roundabout attempt at polymorphism?) We don’t want a user to be able to accidentally (or ignorantly) change this!

Lacking this ability, Formula fields will probably be overused (by me), because it is the only way I see to define a “fixed” or “constant” field that could be set by a script but not (easily) changed by a user.

But Formula/Text fields cannot define rows/columns in a Board view :sob: and maybe have similar limitations I have not yet discovered?

What I would like to be able to control, for each field in a Type:

  • UI read-only status (prevent UI from changing value)
  • Script read-only status (prevent scripts/API from changing value)
  • UI visibility (hidden?)
  • UI foreground & background color

I suppose this sort of customization should also be dependent on the User’s Role. It certainly makes sense to be able to prohibit certain Users/Roles from changing certain fields - or Types.

I imagine these options could be controlled by adding Rules to a field in the Type definition.

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Hi, Matt!
Thanks for the ideas - need to think about it. Not sure that we would approve per-field permissions at least in the nearest future. But your request is noted. And we definitely plan to improve permissions and access levels.

Btw, that is already possible to create a read-only field using API
And there is also a workaround with LookUps

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I think formulas can be used for rows/columns, provided the result of the formula is one of the supported data types (e.g. you can’t use text or date fields as rows/columns, but formulas that return a type or a user will work).

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Thanks - where is this possible in the API?
Described here, I suppose :slight_smile:
We use this possibility quite a lot in Fibery, so if you need some help from developers - let us know :wink:

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I like one of the ways Google Sheets handles restricted ranges where its just a warning that what you are trying to edit is restricted and there is an option to disable the warning for 5 minutes.

Doesn’t even require permissions handing, and when used sparingly is very effective at preventing the average person from doing something that would breaking things.

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