'Locking' entities

Would it be possible to make it so that an entity can be locked for changes (and unlocked again when needed)? It’s sort of a permissions issue, but I need the permissions to be dynamic, rather than fixed by the admin at app level
For my use case, simply switching the entity between ‘apply-normal-permissions’ and ‘nobody-can-edit’ is what I need.

Depending on the implementation, the users who have lock/unlock permissions could be asymmetric (an engineer can lock an entity but it can only be unlocked by a manager).

For me, it actually relates to role-dependent Entity-level permissions
In the perfect world, the lock list and the unlock lists would be dynamically determined (maybe based on fields already available in the entity).

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Agree with this, +1. Actually a feature of Notion that I really like. I’ve had my team too often inadvertently
delete/edit something that was a headache to undo.

It’s worth noting that you guys here in Fibery already have the great capability for only the Admin to set up fields and options, for example in Dropdowns. I used to have in Jira people put in “labels” that would be a real pain, and in the case of Jira and many other apps, it’s very hard to undo when any user adds one.

For example, I’d have these two labels:

“Label” and

since they were case sensitive.

Thanks guys!