[REJECTED] Associations locking and unlocking

When I am adding stories to an epic, i would like the ability to lock associations so I don’t accidentally redirect an existing association

It’s hard to do since Fibery has no field-level permissions (and we are not going to implement them).

Then can we toggle off the ability to re-associate an exiting type when creating a new occurrence of same type?

We need something that prevents the disconnect of established associations. This is an reoccurring issue, tasks and stories and loosing their hierarchy connection, by accident, from our devs/engineers. if it is not possible to lock, what a bout a prompt on established connections when an object can have only one association?


What you can do right now is define a Rule that will trigger when a relation (or any field) is changed, that will cause an error message to be displayed in certain conditions.

You can also mark a field as “read-only” (via the API), which will prevent it from being changed from the UI. But that’s probably only useful for situations where the field will be maintained from scripts/API.