Option to lock documents like Notion so that no information will be deleted by accident

We often embed views in documents so that we can create an ‘Instructions & settings’ document per workspace. It would be great if we have an option to ‘Lock the page’ (like Notion).


In that way the document information and views can’t be deleted by accident.

Context: the main user is also the admin; since we set up the whole workspace, they are not used to Fibery’s features. We create views to embed in documents, but hide those views so that the left menu as clean and short as possible.

This will also be really helpful if we build our whole Wiki in Fibery. As a creator it feels safe if you can lock a document so you can’t mess it up by accident.

Off course user should be able to change the settings. Don’t know if it’s technically possible what I’m asking. But it would be awesome that they can’t change the information on a document (text + embedded view) but can change the data in that view.

I see the team is currently working on “entity-level access”.

At least you will be able to prevent other users from editing.
And probably after the release of that feature, it will be easier for Fibery to release also your idea to lock your own entities.

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That’s not a solution for my customers unfortunately. Since they are solopreneurs and therefor admin of the space :smiling_face_with_tear:

Would implementation of this help?

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Yes, that would really helpful since I don’t want our users to be admin :sweat_smile: That will prevent a shitload of problems.

Although for this specific use case I’m in doubt.

  • If you are a ‘creator’ → you need to be able to create documents and change them.
  • As a creator it’s still a very useful feature to lock documents so that you can’t fuck them up by accident.
  • So without that option, it’s still not very clear for me how a creator can create documents in a space, but can’t change documents that ideally don’t need to be changed (for example: the documents that we’ve made in that space (that act as a “folder / wiki / read me” page).

Or will it be possible with the new permission model that you will have permissions per document? That would be really helpful.

But even then it’s really nice for a creator to lock a document when you’re done :slight_smile:

Well, I suspect that we will never implement a solution that makes a document (or an entity) permanently read-only for all users, so I would imagine any solution would always allow for someone with the appropriate privilege level to be able to re-open a locked document.
But I guess there is a valid use case for making inadvertent changes less likely.

Side note: if you wanted to create a database of entities that are 100% read-only, this is technically possible by making a custom integration which syncs external data into Fibery, whereby the data is read-only from the point of view of the Fibery workspace.

@YvetteLans - That would indeed be very useful if the new permission model would allow permissions to be set per document, which I belief is exactly what it does! :blush:

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Off course! The goal of ‘locking a document’ is not that no one else can unlock or change it :slight_smile: It should work like Notion; everyone with permissions in that document can unlock and change the document.

So our clients can ruin something by accident; we can live with that! :smile: But it would be great if we can make it quite hard for them.

I used the ‘lock’ option in Notion all the time so I can’t put a typo or delete by accident while opening the page for example.

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