Activity Stream

A dedicated page for all key user activities aggregated from user selectable “spaces”. What type of activities get listed can be configurable. Any @mentions should be highlighted too in this activity feed.


Yes, if this is not already planned, essential, I agree. Without any “floating box” or other confirmation when an entity is created, this becomes one of the remaining ways to track down that entity if a user is not able to find right away the location of the recently-created entity

I wanted to add to this as it’s a big piece, and I’m thinking about how I’d like to see it as I move forward in Fibery. I wanted to add some details following on @Shafqat_Ullah initial post.

I would love to see it configurable as Shafqat you suggest - have rarely seen that in any app, but it would be a very useful feature. To illustrate this point, look at the activity on Wrike’s forum about a simple ability to sort comments by newest or oldest:

A lot of votes for that feature that Wrike is ignoring!

I’d like to suggest:

  • @mentions as Shafqat suggests
  • Relations activity - what was related, unrelated
  • Automations - when released, add in activity from automations, like “sent to Gmail”
  • Time logs - via time tracking extension - another feature I eagerly await - write in the activity log what was actually added in the comments when time was logged. Very useful for Development so a Scrum Master/PO can see what a Developer did when logging time, without having to ask the Developer to artificially post to comments that info without the context of the time tracked.

Thanks guys!

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