[✔️DONE] View Change History

One great feature of TP was the change history of an entity. If descriptions or story values were changed one could see when and who made the change. It was/is great for auditing items. Often I would change things and forget!!
Is this planned in fibery? Perhaps it’s there and I’m missing it.


It is planned. Actually, it exists on server side in some form, but UI is not there. However, exact month for History release is unclear.

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@mdubakov There was information on the timing when the feature “history of entities” will be implemented?

@alex.mart It is postponed till Fibery 1.0 release. However I do think we will do it in the next 2-3 months. That is not a promise though :slight_smile:

I’d like to +1 this feature unless it’s already there and I’m missing it. I have a “checkbox” field that acts as a “completed” field for tasks. I’d like to be able to look in the revision history and check the time stamp for when it was ticked instead of having to manually enter the date and time myself upon completion.



Same here. Change/revision history would be amazing. Especially for accidental deletions.


There is a lot of depth to this feature and some similar requests:

Which is actually “approved” so may in fact include some of what’s discussed in this thread, as well as:

With that one, I think comments are an integral part of a good Activity Stream/Entity history.

I’d like to add a few more elements of this I’d like to see:

  • a Fibery-wide Activity stream that would ideally include EVERYTHING going on. So when a state was changed, and to what…aforementioned by @AshElderstone if a check box is checked, when that happened, etc.

  • Granular detail of activity. A lot of apps I’ve used leave out certain key details. For example, I find it annoying in Notion that if you move a Page from one Table to another, when the Page gets into a the new Table its History starts fresh. But I have had many situations where it would have been useful to know where that Page originated, and the history before it changed locations. Incidentally this another big feature I’m hoping to get here in Fibery: Ability to move an Entity from one Type to another


Entity History is our #1 priority right after the release. We’ll get to it soon.


Ok Michael thanks for the update and transparency about your timeline!

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Hi, guys!
Entity History - Activity Log - is on the board already :muscle:

Here you can check the details :slight_smile: