[REJECTED] Checkbox extra attribute - connection to State

There is a functionality in a few Work Management Apps that let’s you simply “check off” a task at any time and mark it as “done.” This will move it along a workflow straight to a “done” state.

It would be great if you could configure the checkbox to allow it to have this function vis a vis the Workflow Extension. Zenkit has this feature and it’s very handy.

I supposed you could also move an entity along straight to “done” with a button, that requires a bit of configuration right now I think. Simply “checking off” an task Entity as Done is a very intuitive action and I think it would be a nice addition.

Thanks guys!

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I believe it will add extra-complexity, two clicks are more than one, but it will complicate state control.

Michael, sounds good.

Would you be willing to consider a revision of this request:

  • Adding a “checkbox” option to the State Extension that when clicked, would move to “done” state.

This is a nice feature that is in a lot of other apps and actually saves a few clicks as you don’t have to click into the menu and then select “done” in the dropdown.

However, I think this would work best in Fibery as a setting option within the Workflow Extension, because a lot of Entities will have a specific nature to their Workflows and this wouldn’t make sense. For example, if you are tracking ad campaigns that would have a state of “active” or “inactive.” However, for Entities used for work like “tasks,” this would be a very highly used feature I think.


Hi B_Sp,

I’m unsure of your setup but why don’t you have an app called ‘Tasks’ with two views. You’d have your tasks in the one with a filter only showing tasks that have a checkbox called ‘Done’ unclicked and the second view filtering only tasks that are completed. You’d name the first view ‘Tasks To Do’ and the second view ‘Completed Tasks’ for example.

Does that not work for you or am I missing something?

Happy to try look for a workaround if that doesn’t work.

Hi @AshElderstone, thank you for the suggestion.

I think this is in fact a smallish item that can be approached multiple ways, perhaps my suggestion was not an elegant way to solve it. Just to reiterate what I was explaining in the previous post, I am simply looking for a way to quickly “mark as done” an entity using a Workflow Extension. This is a nice feature of Wrike, Asana, ClickUp, and others, and I think a lot of users over time will be looking for this “quick UX” functionality when coming in from those types of apps over to Fibery.

Thanks again!

Wouldn’t this be possible using a button/function?

I think we need to wait on automations to be able to connect the button to the workflow extension, once that is in place, yes I think that would be the case and this would also solve the situation!