How to transfer the information from one field to a new one


I’m quite a newbie in the whole programming thing, but me and my team have been using Fibery to coordinate a project of a Food Coop in Brazil, similar to Park Slope Food Coop from New York (

So, the thing is, I’ve created an entity for tasks and, instead of using a workflow field to define if the task was done or not I’ve created a checkbox: if the checkbox is checked the task is done, if not the task is not done.

But now I’ve realized it would make much more sense to use a workflow field for that. But when I added the new field, obviously, all the old ones are marked as “to be done”.

Is there a way to program, somehow, and tell the system something like: please, if the OK checkbox is checked then change the workflow field status in that entity to DONE? So I can delete the checkbox and use only the workflow field? Or will I have to do it manually?

Thank you everyone!

Hi, this can be done via automation rule. Just create a Scheduled rule and run it right away.

Go to Space setup and Task database, click Automations and add a rule like this

Then click Run Now button.
Check that all is fine and delete the rule.

OHHHHHH amazing! hAhaHAH I haven’t worked with automations yet. A whole new world has opened up for me!

Thanks! =)


You will have several of these “new world is opening” moments within Fibery :joy: