Am I Making My Rules Correct?

Howdy All,

I’m setting up some automation rules & wondering if I am doing this correctly/efficiently.
I have a workflow field setup with “Inbox, Open, In Progress, & Done” & another field (checkbox) in the same database called “Done-Archive”.

To make them sync, I have 4 rules setup:

  • Done-Sync 1: When the workflow is updated to done, check the box
  • Done-Sync 2: When the checkbox is checked, update the workflow field to done.
  • Done-Unsync 1: When the workflow is updated (except if set to done), uncheck the box
  • Done-Unsync 2: When the check box is unchecked, update the workflow to “Open”

While it is functional, this feels like I am doing this not in the best way.

Side question – is there a way to ‘bundle’ rules? Our email integration auto-sorts tasks based on the folders imported from. Right now, I have separate rules that run every import that sorts each folder (4 or 5 at the moment) upon message creation… not sure if a relationship would be the best option (most tasks have messages & most messages have tasks, but not all of them).

What are you aiming to achieve with the two different fields (workflow and checkbox)?
Knowing that goes some way to figuring out the best (or least worst!) way of doing things :slightly_smiling_face:

How/why do messages relate to tasks (not meaning Fibery relation, just semantic relation)?
What is the folder sorting you’re referring to?

Users are sometimes lazy – so some of them prefer to have a quick button to click to mark something done vs using 2 clicks (or sometimes a task is quick and doesn’t take long to complete).

So, in this case – some messages are requests for pricing from customers, others are for purchase orders from customers. They funnel to the same department (sales), but have different workflows to process.

Have you considered having a button (e.g. ‘Mark as Done’) which changes the workflow state to Done when clicked, and maybe another button (‘Re-open’) to move the state to Open?

So is it right that you have multiple rules, each of which runs after a message has been categorised?

Is the ‘different workflows’ you’re referring to different behaviours of each automation rule, or are you referring to variations in what happens downstream?

2 buttons would clutter up the table view more than a check box.

The messages are labelled with the folder they are imported from automatically. The multiple rules run upon creation of any message. Ideally, I could create one rule to sort them:
When message created:
* if folder = RFQ, Task Created, Task Type Field Set to RFQ
* if folder = Order, Task Created, Task Type Field Set to Order

Essentially, it’s the same automation (sort/label), but configured slightly differently.

Potentially – I haven’t iterated my fibery workflow that far yet. But basically, the actual work done is different outside of fibery (so the checklists/tasks I will be automating will be different). A request for pricing goes to one individual who keys it into our erp and begins working on the quote data entry and research. An order moves to contract review and data entry and approval.

Well, you could use one button (‘Done/Re-open’) :slight_smile:
Or even just give it an emjoi for a name, e.g. :arrows_counterclockwise: and it would take up not much more space than a checkbox.

So is ‘Folder’ a single-select, or multi-select, or a text field?

It’s not currently possible to set select fields programmatically, unless you write a script :-/

I will try that!

Single Select – it is the label assigned during email import sync.