Workflow Extension: Require comment on close; Multiple types of "done" status

Hi guys,

I wanted to suggest two additions to Workflow that would really help me out. Again would love to get feedback from the “regulars” of @Jean, @helloitse, @chris.burchartz, @ChrisSparkT, and anybody I forgot (no offense intended!)

  1. Require comment on “close” status. Many of us are familiar with issue tracking tools like Jira, and this is a very useful feature. With this, you can make sure that closed entities that are being used for process management like Bug Tracking, Feature completion, etc. get a comment so the team can see what was done upon close. Simply you’d designate which state is one that requires a comment, and once that state is chosen, a modal would pop up requiring a comment before it can be closed.

  2. Multiple “done” types of status. My main point here is that I’d like to distinguish in Fibery between things that get “done,” but perpetuate in the system. Like a software Feature. It is done, but it could later need an update, and it doesn’t go away. Or a client you first pursue, then close. The client is part of your userbase now and needs to be in the system.

However, tasks and other types of entities would well “disappear” from active items into an archive. So this is sort of a “2nd” done, or “closed” status, that has different use than the first type.

You might add this request as well as a 3rd addition to Workflow for the backlog!

Thanks guys!