Create related issue on workflow transition

It would be great to have a possibility to create subtask/related issue on workflow transition.

It would be possible to implement interaction between different departments on workflow lvl then.



Yea, automation rules is a great feature and we are thinking about it.


I’d like to add a +1 for this. The concept of “follow-on” task is something that is very useful for my team. It would be great if rules could let you determine which state of workflow would trigger this. But would be a huge bonus.


Hey @mdubakov, wondering if you guys have any update on this? I am Continuing to try to get my team onto Fibery, thankfully I have fewer workaround with you guys than the myriad of other tools I tried to use, and failed, but this possibly #1 on my list. In particular, I’d like to be able to have a type called “idea,” then transition it to something else in Fibery, but with the flexibility for it to be basically anything that we’d think appropriate - so to a project, to a feature, to a partnership, to a customer persona group we want to pursue, etc.

In order to get the best traceability, I’d like to be able to “promote” the idea to whatever new type and entity we deem fit. Then, keep a relation to the initial idea, because the “promoted” entity will still need work. Let’s say we have an idea for a new feature. We “promote” to the feature and begin work. If I close the idea at this point, it will show up in my idea list as “completed,” as if it was “done”. In this case, since it’s for a feature, it would appear that the feature was actually completed. But in fact this is just the start of the feature. So I’d like the idea to stay in some “in tandem” states along with the feature development, and only close, for example, once the feature reaches a state of “deployed” or similar.

Aha has an ability to promote ideas, but this is very limited as it’s strictly connected with products that Aha is designed to manage. But that’s the only example I’ve seen in another app that works similar to this. I think you guys have a great chance to give all this capability, but in a much more flexible way in line with the deep ethos of Fibery itself!

Thanks guys