Kanban board with multiple workflow

Hi community!
Is it possible to create a board in which multiple different workflows would be used as columns?

I’m trying to track all my tasks and actions at a single location and not all of them have the same workflow.
I wouldn’t mind if all the workflow states were displayed if the available states for an issue type highlight when you try to move it.

I could also work with a higher status level, like Open, In Progress, Closed and other “sub-states” would fall under those.
I’ve seen similar request for this in this post.

Workflow Extension: Require comment on close; Multiple types of "done" status

Anyone have an idea how to have this single kanban board or any workaround to reach the same result?


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If the two types both have the workflow field enabled, then you can certainly create a board view with State as the columns, even if the options are not the same for both types


The possible states will not be highlighted, but you won’t be able to move an entity to a state that is not one of its options.

Thank you @Chr1sG !
After checking, I found 1 that I thought the workflow was enabled, but was not. At the end, it works.

For future consideration, it would be great to implement a more complex scheme that would include a top layer of progress (i.e. Open, In Progress, Closed) and display the specific workflow state in the cards. (ie Open-Submitted, Open-planned, In Progress-In Progress, In Progress-On Hold, Closed-Duplicate, Closed-Done, Closed-Won’t do, etc.)

Thanks for the tips again!