Workflow - what's it linked to

Hi, I see I can enable workflow in an app via a type extension. A couple of questions on this:

  • what’s workflow linked to then, the type? Or, each board?
  • one can use a custom field as columns in a board, so what is special about having a workflow? What will be able to do with it, if it’s an extension as opposed to if it were just a custom field?

I’m thinking about how workflow needs to be different depending on process. For instance if I have a normal support ticket, the flow might be:

  • New
  • Next
  • Working
  • Waiting
  • QC
  • Done
  • Dupe
  • Cancel

Then sometimes, in the process of doing some IT support task, like “fix my slow computer” you decide to change something on the system like upgrade memory, and so, need more of a change control process:

  • New
  • Not authorized
  • Ready
  • Plan
  • Deploy
  • Early life support
  • Success
  • Backed out

In that case, I was wondering if the way to handle this is make an app like Tasks, maybe called Changes and set the workflow differently on it? Then, maybe a custom action button could be on the Task, like “Initiate Change”, which copies some important stuff from the Task, and makes a new Change item based on that.

What’s the best approach here?

  1. Workflow is linked to Type
  2. Workflow is not very special so far, UI does color entities in final state to gray and that is basically it so far. In future we will enhance workflow with some automatic rules, etc, but overall Single Select field is a decent replacement for Workflow if you need more than one workflow for Type somehow

In your case it seems you have two quite different types of Tasks. There are two possible solutions:

  1. Create two Types with different workflows. Then when you have a new Ticker you can decide what to do with it, like Convert to Normal Task or Convert to Hardware Task. These two buttons can create new entity and copy some info.
  2. Have two workflows inside a single Task type. You can add workflows via Single Select field. In this case you will create a Task linked to Ticker, but user should decide what workflow to apply and it may cause some confusion.

I’d stick with option 1

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Thank you. I like option 1 too. Just need to figure out how to make the action button.

@rickcogley I believe we can create a script for you of you will tell us what exactly Action Button should do